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Terms and conditions
writer:iXPRESS跨境集运 published time:2018-09-17

1、Free storage at Guangzhou designated warehouse for 30 days, the goods MUST ship out during the period  .  After 30 days – the GOODS will be automatic dispose by us with no recourse. In the event, if you need storage more than 30 days please inform us by writing in advance (5 working days) to and storage rate of min $10.00 / CBM / day on 30th day onward will be apply. 

2Chargeable freight rate calculation  :

Gross  weight  ( goods & packing )

Volumetric weight = Height x Width x Length (cm ) / 6000

CBM ( cubic meter ) = Height x Width x Length (cm) / 100000 and maximum weight = 500 kg only.

Freight rate will apply on higher weight ( volumetric weight vs gross weight )

3We do not ship CONTROLLED and  PROHIBITED GOODS .  Additional freight rate will apply for SENSITIVE GOOD shipment .

# < ( less ) 1 CBM add $3.00 / 0.1 CBM  ( minimum charges ) and  > (above) 1 CBM add $ 11.00 / 0.1 CBM .

Penalty maybe impose on you and you will be hold 100% responsible by the relevant authority.

4、Consolidation of multiple items into courier plastic bag  – add $ 2.00 per bag. 

5、Consolidation and repackaging multiple items into Jute bag – add $ 2.00  per bag.

6、Consolidation and repacking multiple items into carton box – add $ 5.00 per carton box. 

7、Please send all items in EXPORT WORTHY PACKING.

8、We do not insure your GOODS therefore shipper / consignee need to secure your own shipment insurance.

9、In the event of missing items resulted from our oversight ( by us or our 3rd party vendor )  , we will compensate 3 times the amount of shipment freight rate or maximum amount of $100.00 payable whichever the lower amount will apply. 

10、Shipper/consignee will undertake the responsibilities for the accurate declaration of GOODS  description and import price to Singapore Custom. The information will be use for importation documentation and necessary payment of prevailing Goods and Service Tax .

11、Please be advice that all export/import GOODS  will be subject to China / Singapore custom random inspection .

12、Upon arrival at our Singapore warehouse , Shipper/consignee ( self collection ) must pick up GOODS within 3 working days from our warehouse at 3 Pioneer Sector 3 , #02-06 Singapore 628342 and storage charge will be charge at min $10.00 / CBM / day on the fourth day onward. If you need special short term or long term storage, please inform us before GOODS arrival as we can prepare storage area at competitive rate for you.

Refund policy

Please note that before providing a refund of outstanding credits , we will first verify any outstanding invoice ,  pending shipment payment and other pending service cost .

Refund timeline

Refund will be issue to the same account holder and we will communicate and liaise via . The refund timeline will be 2 – 3 weeks after successful verification by us .