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a. Sending goods

Q. Where do I send my goods?

A. Please send to our Guangzhou address and ensure goods are properly secure and packed.

广东省广州市白云区 同德围西槎路恒丰街68B401-403

Postcode510435   Warehouse contact telephone18102777175

Standard Office Hour: Monday to Saturday – 09:00 to 17:00 hours

Q. How to identify my goods when I send goods to your warehouse?

A. When you input the courier tracking number into our system and when your goods arrive at our warehouse we will be able 100% match your goods to you. In addition, you can use your client ID as identification for the consignee / receiver. (收货人: XXXX ~ unique ID)

Q. I observed that the original packing was open?

A. Yes, as all parcel arrived at our Guangzhou warehouse are subject to the local police enforcement check i.e we open take photo, record the courier ID and upload all information via the local police APP. At this moment it only applicable at Bai Yun district and soon it will be encompass the whole of Guangzhou.

Q. What will happen if I send goods without inform you?

A. From  consignee / ( 收货人 : XXXX ~ unique ID ) , we will able to identify the shipper but to be 100% correct , we will put this goods under 'incomplete delivery' and you need to claim it by fill in the complete tracking number in our system .

b. Job order

Q. Can I send in multi orders (more than 1 taobao suppliers) to your warehouse and request a consolidation shipment 集运?

A. We welcome all your delivery and accept different supplier goods consolidation as one single job order. You just need to select the tracking number as per one job order.

Q. I got multiple items in one order; can you ship one urgent item out by air? I am still waiting for other goods to arrive to ship out together by sea.

A. No, we don’t do bulk breaking and ship partially. We will ship out one whole job order (one courier package), in the event of urgent item, please request the supplier to split out the item and create the job order individually

Q. Can I send goods to different Singapore address?

A. Every job order will deliver to one address only. We will not be able to unpack your goods and distribute to different address. However we can handle your multiple job order with different address under your account. (1 job order = 1 delivery address)

Q. Can I change shipping mode ( e.g. from air to sea shipment )

A. You can but we need to clear your "old” job order and require you to log in as “new " order.

c. Received goods

Q. Can I ship sensitive goods?  (Please refer to our basic guide on sensitive goods)

A. Yes, we need to classified and declare it as sensitive goods. We would like to remind you that all products will be subject to custom inspection and you will be 100% liable for all penalties. Please refer to our published rate as there will be sensitive shipping rate.

Q. Can I send one parcel sensitive goods and one parcel normal goods under one job order?

A. Yes , but we will discourage as the custom declaration will be per job order basic and therefore your 2 parcel will be consider as sensitive rate cargo . You can consider using 2 job orders.

d. Shipping instruction

Q. Why the chargeable weight is higher than the gross weight?

a) For air shipment, the airline will calculate the freight cost base on the higher weight between actual gross weight and volumetric weight.  

Example I - A toy terry bear will have an actual gross weight of 1 kg but their overall size can be huge (taking volumetric weight) it maybe count as 5 kg so we will charge 5 kg.

Example II – An exercise dumbbell will have an actual weight of 10 kg and the overall size will be relative smaller and the volumetric weight will be 5 kg only but so we will charge 10 kg.

b) For sea KG shipment, all charges will calculate according to gross weight.

e. Payment

Q. Why I need to pay Singapore 7% GST?

A. If you chose sea shipment, all import will be subject to 7% GST. If you chose air shipment and your C&F total value amounted more than $400.00 you will be require paying the 7% GST. It is your responsibility to declare the correct cost of goods to Singapore Custom.

Q. Why am I paying GST for freight charges?

A. The amount of GST payable is computed based on the CIF value (cost, insurance and freight) of the goods plus all duties payable. The postage paid for the goods can be taken as freight and insurance charges. The transaction value method is first considered in establishing the customs value, which is the Cost, Insurance, and Freight (CIF) value under International Commercial Terms (incoterms).

Q. Why my calculate freight charge different from iXPRESS?

A. We would highlight the standard shipping freight calculation ~ considering the following factors

1) Gross weight verse the volumetric weight, we will use the higher weight (air shipment only) 

2) Rounding up to whole figure not using decimal

3) Different price bracket and min freight charge bracket

Example for Sea Shipment

Actual 0.4 CBM we will charge as 0.5 CBM (our min charge)

Actual 1.25 CBM we will charge as 1.25 CBM (our price bracket ~ 1.0 CBM and 0.1 CBM rate)

Q. What kind payment mode is available?

A. We are in the process to install our payment gateway system. In the meantime, we accept payment by internet bank transfer for Singapore dollars and China Yuan (RMB) via We Chat pay only. Please remember to indicate your member ID on the payment or description for easy identification and matching.

Q. What will happen if I mistaken over paid or short pay the desire amount?

A. For over paid, the balance amount will be store in your account and can be part for the next payment. For short pay, we will need you to top up the different in order to process the job order without unnecessary delay. In all circumstances, we will communicate to manage the different with you.

Q. What is the TOP UP account function?

A. It serves as your ' e wallet ' with us. We will proceed with your order if there sufficient fund. All refund and promotion will reflect as available credit for future order.

In addition, when you top-up sufficient fund we will proceed to ship out right away.

Q. What is eWallet?

A. An eWallet, sometimes called a digital wallet, is a secure place that contains one or more currency purses. You can fund an eWallet in several different ways. Once funded, you can use eWallets online to purchase goods or services. 

Q. What currency mode should I use? (I purchased using China RMB)

A. The official currency will be Singapore Dollars and you are required to manage all purchase prices in Singapore dollars only. (The exchange rate is published at our website at the payment site)

Q. Can I refund the balance money from my account?

Yes. We can administrate your request after we have complete all tasks and there no outstanding payment. We will process your refund within 2 weeks after your email application to us .

f. Tracking

Q. How many days to ship from Guangzhou to Singapore?

A. Air shipment about 3-5 days and Sea shipment about 10-14 days. It will be longer if we have bad weather, custom inspection and season peak.

Q. How can I keep track of my shipping job order?

A. Just input the tracking number at our system and you will be able to locate your goods movement chart. In addition, we will send you regular email and WeChat update.

g. Goods delivery

Q. Why I cannot choose the delivery time?

A. We aspire to fulfil your requirement but the delivery route plan; traffic conditions and 3rd party delivery team maybe the challengers for us. Nevertheless, we offer pre delivery notice and we appreciate if you can better co-ordinate with our delivery team.

Q. Can I change my delivery address?

A. Please input the correct delivery address during your job order. In the event if you need to revise the address, you need to write to us officially before your shipment arrive at port.

Q. If I cancel delivery job today can I arrange for tomorrow delivery?

A. Our delivery schedule is pre plan one to two days beforehand. We will try to arrange delivery as soon as possible.

Q. I forgot (missed) about the delivery today?

A. We will rearrange delivery ASAP and repeat delivery cost will be chargeable due to unsuccessful delivery.

Q. What will happen if delivered goods different from what you order? (Different specification, shortage, missing or non-acceptable conditions)

A. We encourage you to communicate with your supplier directly on your order. We are sorry, we will not able to respond to this question.

Q. Why my goods arrived broken?

A. The export suppliers must ensure proper export worthy packing, compact and secure it well. As there will be different parties moving and handling the goods during the transit period, it will be challenging to pin point which party will responsible for it. For us, we are committed to provide you the best service.

Q. Why my goods went missing?

A. We are sorry for the incident, we will need to conduct our internal investigation and offer you the best verdict within 7 working days. If it is our or our 3rd party vendor oversight, we will compensate you according to our terms and conditions. However, we strongly encourage you to secure your own insurance for the shipment especially when your products are of high value.

h. Additional cost

Q. Can I have import goods (import permit) under my account?

A. Yes, please provide us your ACRA Business Registration No. and the additional cost will be $35.00 per permit application.

Q. Can I ship bulky big item?

A. Yes, please communicate with our as we can advise you the best solution.

B. For air shipment, there will be a restriction of length be lesser than 1.5 metres.

C. For sea KG shipment, the maximum weight limit is 50Kg, not more than 1 CBM.

D. For sea CBM shipment, 1CBM cannot be more than 500Kg.

Q. The delivery address have no lift, can you assist to deliver up stair? (Higher than level 1)

A. Yes, there will be an additional charge of $20.00 per level alternative we will deliver to the ground level for your necessary action.

Q. I am not familiar with on line portal; can I conduct the business with you off line?

A. Yes, we welcome all kind of business and we will glad to assist you.

Q. The goods are ship out straight away right?

Shipping order cut off time at 16:00 hours daily except Sunday and China public holiday

 a. Air Shipment (daily flight except Sunday)

 Shipping order confirmation with full payment, we will load and ship on the same day

 b. Sea Shipment ( 3 sailing per week )

 Shipping order confirmation with full payment, we will load the following working day and ship out accordingly. 



 NOTE: There maybe situation when goods undergo special custom inspection and may delay in shipping duration.